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Professional crane hire service

If you need a crane in Falmouth or elsewhere in Cornwall, we can provide it. Get in touch today.


We've got the personnel and the equipment

You've got something large and heavy that you need shifting from one place to another. Your own vehicle won't suffice and the actual process of moving the load is going to take a team who know what they're doing. It's the kind of service we specialise in at Falmouth Crane Services. All you need to do is call. We'll come down, discuss with you what's required, gauge what needs to be done and provide a quote. So why not sound us out?

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CPA Crane Hire

Under a standard CPA Crane Hire agreement, the crane and operator are the responsibility of you, the customer. Your AP (appointed person) is responsible for planning the lift as well as overseeing the personnel and equipment involved.

For this service, we will provide:

  • A site visit to check ground conditions and access

  • A fully maintained crane, delivered to your site

  • Free, professional advice


You will need to take out the following insurance cover:

  • Accidental damage to the crane to the full replacement value

  • Continuing hire charges whilst the crane is out of service

  • Care in respect of the goods being lifted

  • Public Liability insurance to all parties including third party property

  • Injury to our own staff

Subject to a higher rate, we can cover some of these insurance requirements.

CPA Contract Lift

Under a standard CPA Contract Lift Hire agreement, the crane and all the personnel required and all necessary equipment are the responsibility of us, the crane owner, together with all the insurance implications. This includes, crane operator, lift supervisor, appointed person, and slinger/ signaller.


For this service we will provide:

  • A site visit to check ground conditions and access

  • Method statements

  • Risk assessments

  • Crane, personnel and equipment


We will take care of everything to do with the lift, from planning through to completion.


Your insurance implications under a CPA Contract Lift would be as follows:

  • For loss or destruction of or damage to the Contract Goods, this shall be limited to a total of £25,000, irrespective of the number of items being lifted/handled

  • For any other loss, damage or injury. this shall be limited to a total sum of £5,000,000

  • Ground Conditions

  • Inability of the goods to withstand the lifting operation.

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